The sustainable growth of trade and business owned and/or run by the business women is stimulated and encouraged through the professional services of CWCCI. The on-going services rendered to its members include:

Business Advice & Support Services

Under this service area, CWCCI imparts need-based business development services to its members in the sector in which they deal business. In order to manage the required business development services, CWCCI forms a formal contract with relevant service-provider organizations and experts. CWCCI also assists small businesses in the construction of appropriate business letters and reviewing proposals, projects etc.


Business Initiation Support

CWCCI stands as a beacon of support for women entrepreneurs embarking on their business journey. Committed to fostering growth and empowerment, CWCCI offers a range of tailored services to ensure a smooth and successful initiation for women-led ventures by providing personalized guidance, strategic business planning and sustained support.


Business Development Training

CWCCI’s business development training is a transformative initiative tailored to empower women entrepreneurs. With a focus on strategic development, the program equips participants with essential skills such as effective sales and negotiation techniques, fostering partnerships, and staying innovative in a dynamic market. The curriculum, specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by women in business, includes interactive workshops and mentorship opportunities, creating a supportive community. This training not only enhances participants’ business acumen but also boosts confidence, positioning women entrepreneurs for success and leadership in the competitive business landscape.


Skill Development & Improvement Training

CWCCI provides various skill improvement trainings for its members at its own initiative or in association with other development partners. National and international-level experts are responsible for conducting these trainings. Vocational courses are also arranged for both members and non-members.


Technical Services

CWCCI is continuously providing and sourcing technical services to its members in every sector of business, sometimes on a payment basis, like training on:

  • Keeping Accounting Records & analysis
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Financial Analysis
  • Leadership & Empowerment
  • Basic Sales & Marketing
  • Product Formulation
  • Product Development
  • Product Promotions
  • Procurement of raw materials
  • Processing and Preservation
  • Packaging and Transportation of processed food products
  • Quality Assurance, etc.


Under this service area, CWCCI closely maintains networks with different Chambers, Governmental Departments, and Development partners to seek assistance in capacity building for women entrepreneurs. It also helps establish buyer-investor linkages and holds business interactions among the members of CWCCI and between the members of other organizations. Through the implementation of these activities CWCCI creates favorable environment for sustainable growth of the trades owned by its members. Members also develop business providing product information on the web page of CWCCI.

Access to Market

Most of the members and member organizations are involved with small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Therefore, marketing is a big challenge for women entrepreneurs. CWCCI assists its members by providing latest market information from different sources and making formal linkages with relevant service-provider agencies In order to have market information on a specific product, CWCCI maintains close contact with different trade bodies, chambers, associations, cooperatives, governmental and non-governmental agencies, stock exchanges, etc. located both at home and abroad. Based on the information available from these sources, necessary steps are taken towards making agreements with these bodies. CWCCI also arranges space for sales & display centers and business establishments in different prime locations in the city.


Access to Finance

In an effort to create opportunities for financing from lending institutions for the members, CWCCI has been providing the following services:

  • Information on key lending institutions and fund availability to its members
  • Reviews the return on investment from the proposed investment
  • Assistance in preparing loan proposal for the lending institutions
  • Lobbying with the lending institution for early and easy sanction of the loan
  • Linkages with financing institutions
  • Assists loan applicants in preparing necessary documents, such as mortgages and collateral.
  • Conducts monitoring on the proper utilization of loans received.

Constituency Services

CWCCI provides different types of constituency services, including red tape facilitation, Policy/regulatory/information, Advocacy of policy/regulatory reform, and lobbying with the government to increase the speed of processes.

CWCCI identifies the policies and practices that limit business growth, product quality, and market efficiency and takes up the issue in association with other trade bodies or sometimes alone with concerned authority for their necessary reforms, and prepares business profiles for the members.


Legal Services

CWCCI also plays the role of arbitrator as and when required and extends need-based legal assistance to its members. Need-based legal support is provided to the members from time to time.


Cooperation With Other Organizations

The Chamber signs cooperation agreements with various national and international trade promotional organizations and chambers if they seem useful for the members. Since its inception, a number of agreements have been signed with development partners for capacity building and to provide better service to CWCCI’s members and women business community.


Meeting, Seminar, Symposium & Workshop

CWCC has been actively fostering knowledge exchange and professional development through a series of impactful events. The organization regularly hosts meetings, seminars, symposiums, and workshops to empower women entrepreneurs and professionals in Chittagong.

These events serve as platforms for networking, sharing industry insights, and addressing pertinent issues faced by women in business. CWCCI’s seminars bring together experts to discuss current trends, while symposiums delve into broader economic and societal topics impacting women in commerce.

The workshops organized by CWCCI focus on skill-building and practical knowledge, equipping participants with tools essential for success in their respective fields. These events not only contribute to the professional growth of attendees but also promote a collaborative environment that strengthens the local business community.

By consistently organizing such gatherings, CWCCI showcases its commitment to supporting and advancing the roles of women in commerce, making significant strides in creating a more inclusive and dynamic business landscape in Chittagong.


ICT Service

The ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services provided by CWCCI are integral to empowering women in the digital realm. CWCCI hosts a range of events, including seminars and workshops, dedicated to enhancing ICT skills among its members.

Through these initiatives, CWCCI ensures that women entrepreneurs and professionals are well-versed in leveraging technology for business growth. The seminars cover topics like digital marketing, e-commerce strategies, and the latest trends in ICT, offering valuable insights into harnessing the power of technology for economic advancement.

In addition, CWCCI’s workshops focus on hands-on training, equipping participants with practical skills in areas such as software applications, cybersecurity, and digital communication tools. By fostering ICT proficiency, CWCCI contributes to bridging the gender gap in technology and promoting a more inclusive and tech-savvy business community in Chittagong.

Overall, CWCCI’s commitment to advancing ICT services underscores its dedication to empowering women by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital business landscape.


Trade Fair

CWCCI organizes domestic trade fairs on the occasion of different National Days and Festivals so as to promote the products of small entrepreneurs. At the same time, it helps make direct contact with the buyers, which is useful for getting first-hand feedback from the customers. In order to introduce Bangladeshi products to international markets, CWCCI participates in various international trade fairs, among which Bangladesh Single Country Trade Fairs are notable. CWCCI also receives and sends trade delegations to make bilateral business relationships in the general interest of members.


Raise Awareness

We undertake awareness-building activities in different locations to bring increased number of women under the awareness programs.


Referrals/Letters Of Introduction

Upon request or as a counterpart collaboration, the CWCCI provides letters of referral and/or introduction to business persons travelling within or outside of the region. The Chamber can act as a business reference for its members and/or its partners.


Advertising and Promotional Support

We provide advertising and promotional support to our members by promoting their products/business online in social media and also by increasing the visibility of their page on social media. Furthermore, advertising opportunities are also available in our newsletter. There is also the opportunity to promote a company’s products or services at our monthly events through sponsorship.